President of the Republic of Uganda signing an autograph during the Eclipse 2013 at Owiny Primary School in Panyango Sub County
A resident of Nebbi District displaying one of the common fish species in the district.
The Alur king arriving with his entourage during the solar eclipse 2013
LC V Chairperson at a stall during the nutritional exhibition by health workers at Nebbi Hospital
The Total Solar Eclipse at the Epicenter at Owiny Primary School 2013
Some of the viewers during the solar eclipse in Nebbi District
The Eclipse Monument at Owiny Primary School in Nebbi District



At independence, Nebbi District located in the North-Western part of Uganda, was part of the then West Nile District until 1974 when it was divided into North Nile, Central Nile and South Nile Districts. South Nile became Nebbi in 1980. Nebbi lies between the latitudes 20 20’ N and 20 40’ N and longitude 310 0’0 E and 310 20’ E. It is bordered to the North by Arua district, Zombo to the west, Amuru and Nwoya to the East, Bullisia to the South-East and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the South-West. More About Nebbi District

Message from the Chairperson LC V

Message from the Chairperson LC V

okumuThank you for your interest in Nebbi District Local Government. It has never been a more exciting time to join us on this website. Nebbi District Local Government as an institution charged with the mandate to provide services to the people of Nebbi; has redefined itself through core values and principles; one of which emphasizes the issue of openness and information sharing. World over, it is renown that one of the principles of good governance is transparency and accountability which can best be achieved through information sharing. This website therefore has been established in fulfilment of the District’s pledge and desire for good governance through providing information and accountability to the people. In our opinion, we feel that this website will go a long way to provide a linkage between Nebbi District Local Government and the people. This is your opportunity to join us and help ensure that Nebbi District is one of the best districts in Uganda.

Okumu .O. Robert

LCV Chairperson

Message from Chief Administrative Officer

Message from Chief Administrative Officer

I warmly welcome you to this website which should form the platform for information sharing on Nebbi District Local Government. Nebbi District Local Government as any other District is established and derives its mandate from the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the Local Government Act (Cap 243). As part of the modernization process and initiative to meet the expectations of the people who are served by Nebbi District Local Government, the District has established this website as vehicle for public information. This website is designed in fulfillment of the mandate of the District to offer information service by informing, educating and increasing the level of awareness on government programmes. The District also has a role to link the District with the public as well as providing other relevant information services. Through this website, Nebbi District Local Government hopes to provide an authoritative one stop information center for easy information access, sharing and feedback about the service delivery in the District. This website will provide you with relevant information on various Departments in the District and will as well act as an E- Library where reports and other publications on different activities in the District can be shared. As in line with our Motto “Agada Yil Ku Wadi” depicting partnership, unity, togetherness, participation and involvement; I call upon all users of this website to freely share their ideas, opinions and suggestions with the District authorities for purposes of improvement. On the part of the District, I will appreciate feedback and pledge that we shall at all time be committed to providing responses on issues that will be raised by our audience

Okaka Geoffrey

Chief Administrative Officer