Internal Audit

Internal Audit derives its mandate from the section 90 of the Local Government Act Cap 234.

Mission Statement:

To enhance efficiency and effectiveness in financial management and service delivery in Nebbi District Local Government.


To objectively and honestly carryout examination of financial and related systems of the council with skill and integrity ensure that the council‘s interests are protected.


To enhance transparency and accountability in the district local government.

To ensure maximum service delivery through carrying out regular spot checking and value for money audits.

To strengthen and maintain good Internal Control Systems.

To ascertain that up to date records of financial management are maintained.


To provide technical support and advice on financial matters to departments and sub-counties.

To prevent wastage of resources and spending beyond the approved estimates.

To improve on existing quality of financial management by carrying out regular audit exercises and reviews of existing internal control systems.

To prevent fraudulent transactions.

To enhance timely accountability.