Statutory Bodies

The Council is composed of 32 members- 19 male and 13 female. There are four fully constituted standing committees. The Technical Services and works committee is composed of three (1) male and three 3 female. Production, Environment and Natural Resources committee has four (2) male and one (5) female. The Finance, Planning, Administration and investment committee has three (5) male and three (3) female. And finally, the Gender/Social services committee with three (4) male and three (2) female

The Council is chaired by the speaker who is a male and the Deputy who is a female.

There are five members on the Executive Committee with four (4) male and one (1) female. The Committees is composed of the District  Chaiperson, Vice  Chairperson, Secretaries Social Services, Production, Environment and Natural Resources and Secretary for Finance, Planning, Administration and Investment.

District Service Commission

The District Service Committee has four members and   functional. There are  three (3) male and one (1) female on the Commission. One member is still to be approved on to the Commission.

Public Accounts Committee (PAC)

This Committee is fully fledged consisting of five (3) male and one (2) female.

Contracts Committee

The Contracts Committee has five (5) approved members. Two (2) members are female while three (3) are male

District Land Board

There are five (5) members of the district land board. Four (3) are male and one (2) female.