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Nebbi District currently maintains a total road network of 888.7 km under routine and periodic maintenance. A total of 370.5 Km is District Roads, 108 Km is urban and Municipal (Town Council – Pakwach and Municipal – Nebbi) roads while 410.2 Km is Community Access Roads (CAR) under 13 sub counties.


Water coverage in the District stands at 68 percent as at June 2015 (MWE) serving a population of 260,371. Rural functionality stands at 72% as urban is 83% while water for production is at 67%.  Rural water coverage stands at 67% while urban is at 74%. In connection to water technologies there are 172 protected springs, 124 functional while 48 are non functional. The number of shallow wells is 101, 56 functional while 45 are non functional. There are 632 deep boreholes with 502 functional and 130 non functional. The total number of rain harvesting tanks is 78 with 34 functional while 44 are non functional. There are five dams with only one non functional. There are four valley tanks with two in functional. There are 29, 22 functional service points, kiosks and tap stands. The District is also served by National Water and Sewerage Corporation.

For more details see: Ministry of Water and Environment website.