The District currently has 91 Government aided primary schools with a total enrollment of 66,279. There are 13 Secondary Schools and 63 Early Child Development centres. The District also has two (2) Business Technical Vocational Education Training Institutions (BTVET) i.e. Comboni Technical – Angal and St. Timothy Vocational School in Nebbi Municipal.

Regarding infrastructure, the District has 557 permanent classrooms and 133 permanent staff houses. The District has got 10,449 desks.

Physical Education and Sports                 

The District has been participating in ball games and athletics at zonal, county, district up to national levels. However the district sports office is incapacitated by the inadequacy of sports equipment. The most needed is a district sports recreation centre.

Special Needs Education.

There is one (1) unit for Special Needs Education Centre. Children with special needs are also enrolled in various primary schools in the district. However their normal learning process is hindered due to lack or inadequate required learning facilities.