Nebbi District Local Government derives its mandate from Article 176(1) (2) (3), 177(1) (2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the Local Government Act (Cap 243)

Nebbi District Local Government like any other districts performs the functions and services but not limited to which district councils are responsible for, subject to Article 176(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and sections 96 and 97 of the Local Government Act (Cap 243).

  1. Provision of health services.
  2. Provision of education services
  3. Provision and maintenance of water supplies
  4. Construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads not under the responsibility of the central government.
  5. Implementation of decentralized services;
  • Crop, animal and fisheries husbandry extension services
  • Entomology services and vermin control
  • Human resource management and development
  • Development planning and budgeting.
  • District projection identification
  • District statistical functions
  • Land administration
  • Land surveying
  • Physical planning
  • Forest and wetlands
  • Licensing of produce buying
  • Trade licences
  • Trade development services
  • Commercial inspectorate
  • Cooperative development
  • Social rehabilitation
  • Labour matters
  • Probation and welfare
  • Street children and orphans
  • Women in development
  • Community development
  • Youth affairs
  • Cultural affairs
  • District information services
  1. Regulating, controlling, managing, administering, promoting and licensing any of the things or services which the council is empowered.
  2. Aiding and supporting the establishment and maintenance of schools, hospitals, libraries, art galleries, museums, tourist centers, homes for aged, destitute, or infirm or for orphans, and providing bursaries to assist in the education of persons residing in the district, making donation to charitable and philanthropic, welfare, youth, person with disability, women and sports organizations.
  3. Preserving public decency, and preventing offences against public order in public places and preventing damages to property of the government and the council.
  4. Undertaking private works and services and charging, recovering costs and contracting out public services to the private sector.
  5. Selling by products resulting from carrying on by on behalf of the council of any works or services.
  6. Promoting publicity for the council and the district.
  7. Promoting scheme of health, education and road safety sensitization.
  8. Registration of marriages, births and deaths for transmission to the Registrar General.
  9. Assisting the government to preserve the environment through the protection of forests, wetlands, lake shores, streams and prevention of environmental degradation.
  10. Providing and managing
  • Sporting and recreational facilities and programmes of informal education for both adults and young people, including the running or provision of community centres.
  • Development of social works among adults
  • Remedial social welfare programmes aided at the alleviation of social distress.
  • The welfare of children and the elderly
  • Public vehicular parking