Environment and Natural Resources

Natural Resources department comprises of three major sections of Environment, Forest and Lands with two different line ministries namely Water and Environment, and Lands, Housing and Urban Development. There are also Government Agencies established by Government to coordinate Natural Resources Management. These include, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), National Forestry Authority (NFA) among others.

The Natural Resources department is therefore mandated to ensure sustainable environmental and natural resources management at the District.


“A District with clean and healthy environment for sustainable development”


“To promote and ensure sound natural resources and environmental management practices for sustainable development”.

Overall Objective:

“The objective of the department is to create, establish and maintain an efficient mechanism for sustainable environmental and natural resources management at the District”.

The sector is obliged to perform the following key functions;

  • To coordinate all activities of the District Council relating to the management of the environment and natural resources;
  • To ensure that natural resources and environmental concerns are integrated in all plans and projects approved by the District Council;
  • To assist in the development and formulation of ordinances and bye laws relating to the management of natural resources in the District;
  • To promote the dissemination of information about natural resources through information, communication and education as well as outreach programmes;
  • To coordinate with relevant authorities on all issues relating to natural resources and environmental management;
  • To coordinate the activities of Local Committees (local environment committees, area land committees, forest committees and ecosystem management committees for wetlands) in management of natural resources;
  • To receive reports from the local committees and advice them;
  • To prepare the annual district state of environment report annual, three (3) years Environment Action Plan, five (5) Years Wetlands Action Plan and five (5) years District Tree Planting Development Plan;

To ensure compliance with national natural resources and environmental management regulations, laws, standards and guidelines.