Production and Marketing

Under the decentralization form of Government in Uganda, the function of the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) that has been transferred to Local Governments is agricultural extension service that is being provided by National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) Organization, currently Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) (LDC, 1995; LDC, 2004).
However, the Sector is also mandated to implement the following key functions of MAAIF in Local Governments (MAAIF, 2010):
Control of epidemic diseases, pests and parasites affecting crops, animals and fish: this includes reporting, investigations, diagnosis, surveillance, vaccination and treatment;
Enforcing Agricultural laws and regulations (including those pertaining to livestock and fisheries subsectors: controlling inter – District movement of animals and animal products, enforcing quarantine restrictions and animal welfare issues);
Carrying out inspection and certification of agricultural inputs such as agro – biological and animal feeds;
Ensuring Veterinary Public Health: control of Zoo noses, ensuring hygiene of livestock products;
Registration and licensing of traders in agricultural chemicals, seeds, livestock and fishing;
Carrying out quality assurance (technical) audit under NAADS;
Agricultural statistics.

 Restocking Programme

The restocking program designed to improve the economic well-being of households, promote social mobilization for development, peace building and reconciliation is part of the Peace Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP)

Nebbi district since the financial 2013/2014 has received 1,606 heifers (Short Horn Zebu and Long Ankole Cattle) that were supplied to the same number of beneficiaries.  Today, a total of 1,321 heifers are still alive in the districts of Nebbi and Pakwach representing 82% survival rate.  330 calves have been delivered.

Vegetable Oil Development Project (VODP 2)

Vegetable Oil Development Project aims at increasing the domestic production of vegetable oil and it’s by products, thus raising rural incomes for small holder producers and ensuring the supply of affordable vegetables oil products to Uganda consumers and neighboring regional markets. Nebbi district started implementing the project in 2012 and is supporting farmers to increase production of oil seeds such as Soya beans, Sunflower, Sesame. The district also helping the farmers establish commercial relations by linking them to processors.

The project is being co-implemented in Nebbi and Pakwach district by WENIPS that is a private service provider in Kucwiny, Wadelai, Panyango and Alwi. In the rest of the sub counties, implementation is by the district.

Agricultural and Agribusiness Advisory Services. (ATAAS)

Implementation of ATAAS started last year in 2016, where Nebbi district local government ,Abi Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (NARO) and MAAIF in partnership is undertaking agricultural technology up-scaling at sub county level. The district is conducting 18 large scale demonstration on cassava, maize, rice, dairy farming and fish cage farming. The implementation of sustainable land management practices to upscale sustainable land management practices is being done in Pajur Parish in Erussi Sub County as a pilot.

Agricultural Cluster Development Project.

This project is still in mobilization phase, the district is in cluster 12 that is chosen to promote cassava production covering Nebbi and Pakwach district. Farmers will be provided with subsidized farm inputs, improved agricultural infrastructure, post-harvest handling technologies and more competitive prices for inputs and outputs. A total of 5,000 farmers are expected to benefit from project in the two districts.