Message by the Chief Administrative Officer

I warmly welcome you to this website which should form the platform for information sharing on Nebbi District Local Government. Nebbi District Local Government as any other District is established and derives its mandate from the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the Local Government Act (Cap 243).

As part of the modernization process and initiative to meet the expectations of the people who are served by Nebbi District Local Government, the District has established this website as vehicle for public information.

This website is designed in fulfillment of the mandate of the District to offer information service by informing, educating and increasing the level of awareness on government programmes. The District also has a role to link the District with the public as well as providing other relevant information services.

Through this website, Nebbi District Local Government hopes to provide an authoritative one stop information center for easy information access, sharing and feedback about the service delivery in the District.

This website will provide you with relevant information on various Departments in the District and will as well act as an E- Library where reports and other publications on different activities in the District can be shared.

As in line with our Motto “Agada Yil Ku Wadi” depicting partnership, unity, togetherness, participation and involvement; I call upon all users of this website to freely share their ideas, opinions and suggestions with the District authorities for purposes of improvement.

On the part of the District, I will appreciate feedback and pledge that we shall at all time be committed to providing responses on issues that will be raised by our audience

Okaka Geoffrey

Chief Administrative Officer